How to learn a language fast!

Acquiring a language is easy! If you learn the fun way 😉

Language also opens a world of possibilities for meeting exotic women!

The problem is the way in which languages are taught in school. That shit is OUTDATED!

Just use the Naughty Nomad method:

Step 1) Pick your language (see Figure 1 below)

Step 2) Pick a country that speaks that language (see Figure 2 below)

Step 3) Book a flight

Step 4) Download a 30-day Pimsleur audio pack (the cheeky way here)

Step 5) Do the 30 minute lessons everyday for a month before you travel

Step 6) Contact some locals  online  during this period

Step 7 ) With a bit of  luck and persistence,  you’ll be abroad taking lessons under cover in no time!

The best way to learn a language is to date a native speaker 😉

Even German sounds sexy in bed!

Look below and take up the challenge!

Five Reasons Dating Abroad is the Best Way to Learn a Language

Figure 1

Figure 2

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