Shoring” is the polite way of saying ‘seducing or scoring whores’. A person ‘shores’ when they have sex with a girl who may be a prostitute, but no payment is involved. Bar fining is not considered shoring. Shoring only occurs when the girl is genuinely attracted to a mate. She will often forego potential earnings with paying customers in this circumstance. It is not unusual for a man to have no idea the girl is a working girl. Shoring is common practice in parts of the developing world. If you shore, protection is recommended.

The word shoring was invented myself and a friend while travelling in South East Asia in the summer of 2009.

If you want some tips on how to Shore, check my post Shoring 101.

10 Responses to “Shoring”

  1. mrkillian Says:

    Nice posts Mark, I’m liking the new layout.

    Check out my latest

  2. […] a lot of east Africa there’s alot of working girls at night. If you have no options just shore em. Even if she seems normal and friendly be careful – there are a lot of pick pockets so […]

  3. […] supplied with free drinks by the bar staff while they are waiting for a client to come along. Shoring often occurs. Dusk till Dawn is another place to check out and is a bit more upmarket. It has live […]

  4. Sorry, I am clogging the hell up out of your site with my comments.. I have to say that shoring definately occured a lot while I was in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    “Never sleep alone” 😉

    • What did you do in Jakarta?
      How did you find this site?

      • Hey Dude,

        Sorry about the late reply. I went to Jakarta for about a month on a holiday/hustle experience. I have so many damn stories and yeah… I think it would be more appropriate to share it over PMs or a beer sometime, haha. I just turned 21 and it was pretty damn random, but it turned out to be the best thing i’ve ever done in my life (traveling to Indonesia).

        I found your site randomly, I can’t even remember.. maybe you commented on some travel site and left your website in your comment? Sorry I can’t be more help.. anyways, e-mail if you want more details about the Indonesian excursion 😛

  5. […] the case and it doesn’t mean you need to pay for it anyway. This is a prime location for shoring. Secondly, these girls are hot as hell (see video below) and you can find some grade A Thai totty […]

  6. Specialforces Says:

    “It is not unusual for a man to have no idea the girl is a working girl.”

    In that case I wouldn’t call it shoring. For me shoring means that she knows that you know that she is a whore but you still get to seduce her without paying for the fun. Funny challenge.

    Shoring is not so hard with semi-pros but much harder with hardcore pros. Some are so greedy it’s almost impossible. But it’s always fun to try.

  7. […] I came up the term “Shoring“, I didn’t expect to get some many emails from skeptics asking the […]

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