28 Days Later…

Ever think of giving your dick a break?

Even the noble penis requires time to rest and reflect. To look back at his accomplishments, his drunken failures, his scars. He thinks about the future too. After all, he’s got a message the whole world needs to know about.  Without him, you a shell; a robot doomed to cease genetically.  The fucker knows such things and uses his influence wisely. Sometimes, he takes control and you become a Cockzombie.

A Cockzombie is a single man who only ever thinks of sex. “Ssseeeexxxx, Need Ssseeexxxx.” is often uttered to those experiencing “the change”. Most Cockzombies start to experience the change when they have been exposed to copious amounts of amazing sex abroad and return home to poor quality prudes. As a result, even when very short dry spells occur slowly “the change” happens. Eventually one becomes a Cockzombie. Cockzombies actions are controlled by a parasite in their pants and display minimum a cerebral function. Often, the only cure is a fuck buddy or a vacation.

Have you thought about giving up orgasms for a prolonged period of time?

For the last 28 days I’ve been orgasm free.

I’ve refused sex.

I’ve haven’t even had a cheeky tug.

My cojones have reached maximum capacity.

I even get turned on potting plants. Even things like jam.

Why did I choose to go on strike?

Control. My libido was calling all the shots. I had become…. a Cockzombie. I needed a cure.

What happened during the 28 days

I went back and forward between being crazy horny to rejecting sex.

Is it worth not cumming for a whole month just for one ultimate orgasm?

Last night drowning in selfish Ecstasy, I would have said yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. In retrospect, that’s enough for me; a month is a fucking long time.

What have I learned in this period?

There’s no point fucking some girl if you wake up the next day ashamed; with lower self-esteem. We’ve all done it. If you feel you deserve a quality woman, don’t except anything less. Just because it’s offer to you on a plate, it’s doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

But then again…

One Response to “28 Days Later…”

  1. mrkillian Says:

    so what did you do last night? have a wank, pot a daffodil, or make some peanut better and jelly?

    call me you bollix!

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