A “Prawn” is a girl with a nice body yet unattractive facial features. Similar to the shellfish, you disregard the head and chow on the body. Prawns are often picked up by horny guys who are “Trawling“. The word prawn has the same meaning as “Butterface” or “Bobfoc”. Personally,  I’m allergic.

Extreme Prawn

4 Responses to “Prawn”

  1. Those are some of the worst nicknames I’ve heard. A ‘prawn’ would be called a butterface- everything’s good, but her face.

  2. My uncle used to say “Put a pillow on her face and do it for the fatherland!”

    Sounds like you had fun in the balcans! Looking forward to new city guides.

  3. Blunt_Twistin Says:

    I’d poke 🙂

  4. […] interested in just a flag. Any man can put one to his mast if mounted by a chubby chica or a prawn; I wasn’t here to trawl. These opposing paradigms are well summed up in an article by Atlas […]

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