Trawling” is a word used to describe the unsavory act of picking up unattractive women. The net is cast out, and whatever fish you catch will do. Sometimes a man will trawl a whale, sometimes a prawn. Trawling usually occurs when a man is drunk and extremely horny. While it is not an ideal practice, most men at some point in their life, have trawled.

Trawling was a word suggested by a dear friend of mine, and fellow pirate, Guzzling Gary. We first used the expression on the Siege of the Adriatic, where we  recently spent 24 consecutive nights dressed as Mexican Pirates, traveling in the Balkans. Thankfully, I did not engage in trawling on the trip. The same could not be said of my friends! haha

One Response to “Trawling”

  1. […] Any man can put one to his mast if mounted by a chubby chica or a prawn; I wasn’t here to trawl. These opposing paradigms are well summed up in an article by Atlas Al: Flag hunter vs Flag […]

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