Snapshot: Athens, Greece

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Athens.

They don't even renovate their buildings... fuck sake.

What are one’s first impressions of Athens?

The first thing one notices about Athens is the women. They are drop dead gorgeous.  In this authors opinion, the Greek girls give other Mediterranean women a run for their money and have superior genes.  The second thing you notice is Athens – it’s fucking expensive. I’m talking in excess of €6 for a drink. WTF? Isn’t this country bankrupt? I’m supporting their economy by just showing up, the least they could do is pour me a fucking pint for under a fiver.

What are the women like?

Super sexy but slightly up their own ass, especially when you compare them to their counterparts in Thessaloniki up north.

Where should I go at night time?

We went to Gazi – a big square with tons of night spots. It’s about one hours drunken stumble from the main tourist area near the Acropolis. Lots of choice but a bit pretentious, if I was to return I would check out Psirri. In Gazi, the best strip is a street called Triptolemou. Avoid Tapas bar unless you like penis in your ass. There is a cool bar adjacent to Cabana 41 but I can’t remember the name… pity we got kicked out for climbing on the roof to perform the YMCA dressed as Mexican Pirates. Security didn’t seem to see the funny side of it…

Any other recommendations?

Screw pricey beers, just buy cans in the kiosks and drink on Triptolemou street, there are plenty of people and it’s great for approaching girls.

The Bottom Line

Fuck Athens. See the Acropolis and go to Thessonlinki, it’s a lot more fun in my opinion and a great place to get your Greek flag.

4 Responses to “Snapshot: Athens, Greece”

  1. good thing i know about this blog or i probably would have spent all my time in Greece going broke in this city

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  3. […] further south-west you go, the hotter the girls get. Epicentres of hotness occur in hot spots like Athens and Sofia, also in holiday destinations like Budva, Montenegro and the Black sea in […]

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