Life Update: Back to Africa…

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve just booked my flight to the Gambia in West Africa. I’m leaving in March with two friends. The plan is to spend three months travelling  to the following  12 countries:

West Africa

  • The Gambia
  • Senegal
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Guinea
  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ghana
  • Benin
  • Togo
  • Nigeria

T’will be chaos of the highest degree. Latin America is next on the list, but for now… Africa beckons. If it is anything like Cairo to Cape town, we’re in for the trip of a life time. Where we’re going, the women will fall at our knees; whole cities will be our sexual playgrounds and we shall be treated as kings. Furthermore, our travels in West Africa will probably be undertaken in absurd costumes, probably Leprechaun Pirates or something…  As for the preparations, I’ve already got a head start. I’m currently dating 2 beautiful 18 year old West African women, a Cameroonian and a Nigerian, serving as delightful appetizers for a main course of rack of booty.  I’m also starting French lessons and busy investigating visas.

My mood is a cocktail of nerves and excitement, I must be going back to Africa…

4 Responses to “Life Update: Back to Africa…”

  1. Troublemaker Says:

    For those who can’t yet go to Africa, the adventure novels by Wilbur Smith
    really get you in the mood for the continent. Filled with action, violence, sex and they really capture the wild nature and spirit of Africa. Excellent!
    My favs are “Dark of the Sun” and “Eye of the Tiger”. 🙂

  2. How exactly do you afford this lifestyle of almost constant travel? I do a fair bit of moving around but nothing on this scale – though I would if I could. Cheers!

    • Work smart, play hard. When I’m at home I just save a few grand then fuck off again! haha

      • Yeah I need to get a self employed job where I can dictate my own holiday times. Though I work in Bologna right now and I can’t really complain about the amount of stat holidays you get here (its insane compared to elsewhere). You been to Italy? Women here are overrated beyond belief but theres plenty of international talent to make up for it 😀 Also one of these reasons I travel around haha

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