Sarajevo City Guide

Old Town's the place to be

Sarajevo in a word: Contrasting.

Chance of Hooking up: 3.5 / 5
Quality of Girls: 3 / 5
Smoking tolerance level: 3 / 5
City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer: €1.50 for a 330ml bottle.
Bed: €12 for a private room.
Bud: €5 per gram
Board: €3 for a local dish.
Budget other: It’s €12 for a tour of the tunnels.
Currency Conversion


Stari Grad (old town) makes Sarajevo one of the most endearing and unique capitals in Eastern Europe. The Islamic and Ottoman influence is also very visible and adds an exciting dynamic to the city.  You will find more hijabs here than anywhere else on Continental Europe. The ethnic mix is refreshing and the night life is hopping on the weekends.

The Girls

Miss Bosnia, Sanja Tunjic

Muslims, Croats & Serbs represent the ethnic make up of the city.  The general standard of women is not quite as impressive as in let’s say, Croatia or Serbia, but this is Eastern Europe, so the standard is still relatively high. Some of the darker Muslim girls can be especially gorgeous. Looks aside, Bosnians tend to be much more friendlier than their neighbours. This is in part due to lack of tourism and part due to travel restrictions. Westerners can expect girls to have good English and be quite receptive, even shy once you start speaking with them. Day game and pipelining is highly recommended, as many nightspots have unfavourable sex ratios in the region of 60/40. One night stands happen, but are not as commonplace as in surrounding countries. For more beautiful Bosnian babes click here.

Nightlife Recommendations

At night, the hijabs come off and the freaks come out. Sarajevo is rockin’, even  hectic on weekends. With so many options, I would need to return to justify a full breakdown. These recommendations are subjective. Personally, I’d prefer Sarajevo on during weekdays as most places on the weekend are too packed.  All the below recommendations are within walking distance from Stari Grad.

City Pub

A good pre-club choice with plenty of people. Busy, but not so packed to prevent starting a giant conga line.  Outside is fantastic for approaching girls. 3 of our group closed in this place.


You will more than likely end up here a some stage. This place is much better during weekdays with a more chilled out vibe and live music. On the weekends it’s too loud and overcrowded with cock.

Pirate Pub

This bar and the bar beside it were great craic. Granted, we were dressed as pirates so we got a sterling reception. Avoid Pirate pub on Saturday, it’s fucking mental. The bar beside it on the other hand had the perfect capacity for a Saturday.

*Another source recommends Sloga rock club.

My Sarajevo Experience

I was here for a weekend with 3 other amigos during the Siege of the Adriatic. Every single one of us hooked up in one form or another. However, none of  the girls in question were locals. I was very naughty and pulled a sexy Argentine right behind her boyfriend’s back. We all loved the city and I hope to return. I imagine this place would be very romantic in the wintertime snow.


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  1. Jungle Raider Says:

    Got pissed on Slivovitz, eh? 😉

    Good thing you guys dressed as Mexican Pirates and not Serbian Cetniks lol

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