American Girls are so easy

Apologies to you guys. I haven’t posted in a week.

Why? You ask.

Well I’ve been too busy partying and chasing women in Malta with Mr.Killian. We have both bedded, but the locals are Mal-teasing me with only k-closes so far. In the meantime, I’ve prepared a little vid for you guys.

Inspired by a few videos by Roosh V,  I decided to dabble with Xtra-normal movie maker.

This is an actual re-enactment of an experience I had with an American girl when I tended bar in Dublin. She looked good and she knew it so I destroyed her cocky ass with an apocalypse  neg. I don’t usually use negs and don’t really like to insult girls the first time I meet them, but in this scenario, it worked. Enjoy!

14 Responses to “American Girls are so easy”

  1. You seem to have a talent for lightning fast seduction and SNLs.


    Keep up the good work man, your blog is awesome!

    • Hey Ray, glad you like the blog.
      I’m pretty good with SNLs (same night lays) all right. I think about 90% of the women I’ve been with have had sex with me within 7 hours of knowing them. As for strategies, I have a many. I use a lot of Mystery Method and Ross Jeffreys stuff. I’ve also been loving Vin DiCarlo stuff of late too. Check out an audio session called mastermind, it’s really good for inner game. Kezia is another one to investigate, she focuses on building deep connection in a short space of time. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Wow 90% is a lot! I don’t believe in the 7 hour rule. For me it always comes down to the vibe and connection I feel with the girl. OK, sluts are quick and easy of course but I’d like to know how to crack the code of the good girls. So far they have alwas been putting up too much LMR, didn’t want to look like sluts maybe.

        There is more to your SNL success than the theory you mentioned. Maybe it’s your type of personality.
        I think it comes down to aggressively pushing forward, escalating quickly and really letting her know what you’re up to from the beginning.

        Thanks for the Vin DiCarlo tip, will check it out. Yeah, Kezia is interesting, it’s nice to hear the stuff from a girls’ perspective.

        Would love to read some field reports of yours playing the Jeffries stuff. That stuff really seems to work, I’ve been fooling around with it on my girlfriend and it gets her horny all the time. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I love it! Post the pics!

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  4. Malta flag?! Very nice. How, what were the circumstances, where’d you meet her, Paceville?

  5. what a neg. good shit.

  6. Great blog – just discovered it today. Hilarious representation of the girl as some kind of teddy bear hooker. That was the apocalypse neg, holy shit!

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