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Hi, name’s Mark!

I’m an Irish guy who loves to travel.

I’ve been to 120+ countries, not to mention Antarctica and a few self proclaimed republics.

My goal is to visit every country in the world.

I’m also a little bit naughty.

Enjoy my blog.



This site does not endorse prostitution.

The author has never paid for sex in his life.

My Adventures

Map Legend: 29%, 56 of 195 Countries (57 of 263 Territories)

AlbaniaArgentinaAustriaAntarcticaBelgiumBosnia and HerzegovinaBurmaBelarusBulgariaBruneiCambodiaCongo, Democratic Republic of theChinaEgyptIrelandEstoniaEthiopiaCzech RepublicFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceCroatiaHungaryIndonesiaItalyKenyaKorea, SouthLaosLatviaLithuaniaMoldovaMongoliaMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofMaltaMalaysiaNetherlandsPolandPortugalSerbiaRomaniaPhilippinesRussiaRwandaSouth AfricaSpainSudanThailandEast TimorTanzaniaUgandaUnited KingdomUkraineUnited StatesVietnamHoly See (Vatican City)NamibiaZambia

Apart from minor excursions in Europe Europe and popping over to cities like Seoul or New York, I have done a BIG trip every year since 2005. See below…

At World’s End, 2005

Banana Pancake Trail, 2006

Cairo to Cape Town, 2007

Moscow to Manila, 2008

Return to SEA, 2009



Jan – March: Belarus, Ukraine, Poland (2x), Korea and the Philippines

Sep: Siege of of the Adriatic in the Balkans in 7 countries

Nov: Malta


16 Responses to “BIO”

  1. Nice! I envy your travels and hopefully will soon say I’ve reached my halfway point, 50 countries. Maybe Ireland will be the big 50!

  2. How do you afford to do this sort of living?

    PS. If you don’t want to discuss it over the web you can always e-mail me back if you don’t mind.

  3. I wish it was that easy man! There is no way I can find a job where I get paid as much as I do 😦

    • Classic Money vs Time. I too have to make a lot of unfortunate sacrifices for my lifestyle. Like everything else, the problem is finding balance. One can only try find an equilibrium that maximises happiness.

      • Words of wisdom there man.. haha, that’s awesome, but very true. My plan is to just save a bit of money up for now and then closer to january head on out and pick up odd jobs and hopefully get lucky while being abroad and be able to find some sort of way to continue my abroad living. You only live once and I don’t want to be in my death bed ever thinking “what if?”.

      • That “What if?” is a big motivator. That’s great though Mark, just head out and see what happens. You won’t regret it.

      • Do you do the same type of work everywhere you go? :p

      • My works varies massively, I own a small printing and web/graphic design company (I also print custom posters @ I’m also a DJ and a freelance croupier…

    • Question: Did you ever make your living abroad? Or have you always saved up and left? Im guessing you do seasonal work?

  4. Question: Have you visited other Nordic countries such as Sweden? I’d love to read a run-down on the attractiveness of the women in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. I keep hearing that Ukraine and Sweden are the tops in terms of women. I wonder how these two fare against each other-sort of a battle of the hottest women on the planet.

    • No, I haven’t. It’s one area I’ve neglected. I will make arrangement to visit Stockholm and sort this shit out once and for all! Kiev is my number one spot at the mo for beautiful girls. We shall see if that changes…

  5. Swede in Dublin Says:

    I’d bet it changes if you visit Dakar in Senegal. Girls look like Naomi Campbell and they try to pick you up. Practically no game is needed so it almost feels too easy.

    And well, Stockholm is nice too, but I’ve lived there for many years so I’ve gotten a bit home blind.

    Anyhow, where is your family pub by the way, would like to check it out!

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