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Snapshot: Thessaloniki, Greece

Posted in City Guides, Greece with tags , , on November 6, 2010 by Mackeral Mark

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Thessaloniki.

Entrance to Kamara

What are one’s first impressions of Thessaloniki?

Not as pretty as Athens, but a hell of a lot cheaper. The city receives a lot less tourists so people seem friendlier. If this is your first stop in Greece, I’m sure the first thing you will notice is the local talent.

What are the women like?

The standard in Greece is a bit ridiculous, they are a truly scrumptious race.  If that tanned med look doesn’t get you going maybe this will: in this authors experience the girls of Thessaloniki are game like nowhere else. They have no problem making out with you in record time if you no how to woe them (this city inspired me to write my 10 second k-close post). Take the relaxed attitude, compound that with a good command of English and plenty of skin on show, I’m sure your hormones will be working overload. What I like about this city is the amount of rock/ emo /alternative chicks on the street. Guys, this city is fantastic for women.

Typically Greek

Where should I go at night-time?

If you like young beautiful women, go to the Kamara district. Apart from all the bars on offer, there is a park near the university where hundreds of rock chicks and kinky cuties hang out for all night parties on the cheap. While we were there, a huge party was also happening outdoors on the university grounds. Kamara is the business.

Any other recommendations?

Get a private room near Kamara. Not only is this where the nightlife is, it’s also a historical centre. In Kamara, everyone buys cheap drinks at Kiosks. You should do the same. If you want to seriously increase your chances of getting some sexy Greek ass, provide weed. Pick some up in Skopje if you’re arriving from the north.

The Bottom Line

Way more fun than Athens. This is place to slay a Greek.

Snapshot: Athens, Greece

Posted in City Guides, Greece on October 12, 2010 by Mackeral Mark

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Athens.

They don't even renovate their buildings... fuck sake.

What are one’s first impressions of Athens?

The first thing one notices about Athens is the women. They are drop dead gorgeous.  In this authors opinion, the Greek girls give other Mediterranean women a run for their money and have superior genes.  The second thing you notice is Athens – it’s fucking expensive. I’m talking in excess of €6 for a drink. WTF? Isn’t this country bankrupt? I’m supporting their economy by just showing up, the least they could do is pour me a fucking pint for under a fiver.

What are the women like?

Super sexy but slightly up their own ass, especially when you compare them to their counterparts in Thessaloniki up north.

Where should I go at night time?

We went to Gazi – a big square with tons of night spots. It’s about one hours drunken stumble from the main tourist area near the Acropolis. Lots of choice but a bit pretentious, if I was to return I would check out Psirri. In Gazi, the best strip is a street called Triptolemou. Avoid Tapas bar unless you like penis in your ass. There is a cool bar adjacent to Cabana 41 but I can’t remember the name… pity we got kicked out for climbing on the roof to perform the YMCA dressed as Mexican Pirates. Security didn’t seem to see the funny side of it…

Any other recommendations?

Screw pricey beers, just buy cans in the kiosks and drink on Triptolemou street, there are plenty of people and it’s great for approaching girls.

The Bottom Line

Fuck Athens. See the Acropolis and go to Thessonlinki, it’s a lot more fun in my opinion and a great place to get your Greek flag.

The 10 second K-close

Posted in Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Pick up techniques with tags , , , on September 8, 2010 by Mackeral Mark

So a few nights ago I was in Thessaloniki, Greece; home to some of the most beautiful women in the Mediterranean.

After hearing a good K-closing technique from a friend, I decided to put it into practice.  For my first attempt, I went for a 19 yo hottie at a university concert in Kamara. Result – I managed to K-close within 10 seconds! Same with my second attempt, an even hotter chick only minutes later!!! Furthermore, it’s worked 2/2 times in Kosovo and 4/7 times in Macedonia, nearly all within 10 seconds!!!

What is magical routine you ask?

Firstly, I should mention on all of my approaches, I was dressed as a Mexican Pirate, sporting a sombrero and a fake sword; peacocking like crazy. As for the actually routine, this is best explained by example. I will use the script from my first attempt.

Me: Hi! What’s your name? (going for handshake)

Her: Sofia.. (Give best ‘flirty’ handshake, slow and held that little but longer. Gauge her reaction –  if receptive, continue.)

Me: My name’s Mark…. (Pause, looking disturbed)  Hey, are those real? (Pull on her eyelashes)

Her: (looking confused): Of course!

Me: I don’t believe you!

Her: They are!

Me: Close your eyes. (She closes her eyes)

Kiss her!

Start off with a prolonged peck; gauge reaction; continue if you feel she’s digging it.

I haven’t got a bad reaction once! In Macedonia, this even started the ball rolling for a one night stand! They love it! Try it out now guys!!!