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Pristina (Kosovo) City Guide

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Newborn, City Centre

Pristina in a word: Neglected.

Chance of Hooking up: 2.5 / 5
Quality of Girls: 3.5 / 5
Smoking tolerance level: 3.5 / 5

City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer: Around  €1.50 – 2 for a pint.
Bed: €20 for a private room.
Bud: ~ €10 per gram (get it in Macedonia).
Board: €1 for a kebab.
Budget other: Nightclub entry is cheap at around €3.

Currency Conversion


Pristina (or Prishtina) is not a pretty city, it’s neglected in more ways than one. It’s has a run down feel to it and nobody travels here. This is a good thing. The lack of visitors means it’s cheap as chips and the locals are super friendly. However, at the time of writing, the government were cracking down on drinking establishments left, right and centre for “tax reasons”.  As a result, the night-life situation is constantly changing.

The Girls

Shkurte Ajeti

Understand, over 90% of Kosovars are ethnically Albanian. Brunettes rule the roost, but you can find more green/blue eyes and blondes here than in Albania. The standard is pretty good, with the odd  mesmerizing stunner. Overall, they have decent figures and a good balance of soft facial features with solid bone structure. If you want to score here, there are some thing you need to know. Firstly, they are also really keen to fraternize with foreign men, but at the same time they worry about being “the talk of the village” if they hook up, so discretion and isolation is appreciated.  Secondly, and most importantly, if you are serious about pulling you need to use day game. The night-life is heavily male orientated and many venues are 90% cock. All the beautiful women you see during the day seem to vanish into the ether. During the day, put yourself out there and get chatting. Newborn shopping centre is a good place to start. As soon as you start speaking English you will get IOIs. Number close. The rest is up to you, be a man.

Nightlife Recommendations

Much of the night life is restricted to the weekends. At the time of writing, popular venues Soul and Depot were closed for tax reasons. Avoid ‘First club’, it’s awful. The following two places were shown to us by some local girls who knew the scene.


A wee bit high brow, but one can’t deny this cuban-themed place has a buzz about it. A good crowd can be found hanging out around on a Saturday, well worth a look. Great place to run game. It closes at 1.

Maroon Pub

This is probably the best after hours spot in the city. It resembles a giant house party and the sex ratio is actually pretty decent. The reason for this is its strict face control. Look sharp and try to have a girl on your arm. Once you’re in, it’s pretty conductive for approaching and picking up.

Getting High

Legislation: Possession of the herb and smoking it is illegal, but you will find they are pretty tolerant to its use.

Law enforcement: Police are rather ignorant on this issue, they classify marijuana as just another “DRUG”, if you’re obvious they will stop you and give you a hard time.

Where to buy marijuana: Theres several dealers in Prishtina, you won’t find them on the streets, the good ones are pretty organized and you will need a local contact to help you attain the stuff. Don’t hesitate to talk to younger people in English, you will find them pretty friendly and willing to help. If you don’t know any locals, try the internet cafe owners, bartenders, and younger taxi drivers.

Marijuana prices: Prices can range from 3 euros to 20 euros per gram, depending on dealer and quality.

My Pristina Experience

I’ve been here twice, the first time I was with a girl, the second time was a Saturday night dressed as a Mexican Pirate with my crew. I kissed two girls, but didn’t have time to for a second meet-up. If I had known the night life was such an utter sausage fest, I would have run day game. During the day, the women give you a healthy amount of attention, much more so than in neighbouring countries. My love for Macedonia will surely see me dipping into this country again, the people are great!


The Seige of Pristina, LED Mexican Pirates at Newborn! ARGGHH!


The 10 second K-close

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So a few nights ago I was in Thessaloniki, Greece; home to some of the most beautiful women in the Mediterranean.

After hearing a good K-closing technique from a friend, I decided to put it into practice.  For my first attempt, I went for a 19 yo hottie at a university concert in Kamara. Result – I managed to K-close within 10 seconds! Same with my second attempt, an even hotter chick only minutes later!!! Furthermore, it’s worked 2/2 times in Kosovo and 4/7 times in Macedonia, nearly all within 10 seconds!!!

What is magical routine you ask?

Firstly, I should mention on all of my approaches, I was dressed as a Mexican Pirate, sporting a sombrero and a fake sword; peacocking like crazy. As for the actually routine, this is best explained by example. I will use the script from my first attempt.

Me: Hi! What’s your name? (going for handshake)

Her: Sofia.. (Give best ‘flirty’ handshake, slow and held that little but longer. Gauge her reaction –  if receptive, continue.)

Me: My name’s Mark…. (Pause, looking disturbed)  Hey, are those real? (Pull on her eyelashes)

Her: (looking confused): Of course!

Me: I don’t believe you!

Her: They are!

Me: Close your eyes. (She closes her eyes)

Kiss her!

Start off with a prolonged peck; gauge reaction; continue if you feel she’s digging it.

I haven’t got a bad reaction once! In Macedonia, this even started the ball rolling for a one night stand! They love it! Try it out now guys!!!