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Budva City Guide

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Inside Old Town

Budva in a word: Adorable.

Chance of Hooking up: 3.5 / 5
Quality of Girls: 4 / 5
Smoking tolerance level: 3.5 / 5
City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer: €3 for a 330ml bottle.
Bed: €15 for a private room.
Bud: €5-10 a gram (Serb prices)
Board: €5 for a pizza.
Budget other: You will be charged €5-€20 a day for a sun bed and the beach is stony. Also, food and drink at the beach is very expensive, bring your own supplies.
Currency Conversion


Budva is the party capital of Montenegro. Sexy girls from all over Eastern Europe and Russia come to party here for sun and fun. Not only is this place rockin’, the old town is utterly adorable. It’s easy to fall in love with it’s  narrow cobblestone streets and quaint town squares. Between here and Kotor, I rate Montenegro the most charming spot in Eastern Europe. That said, I must give you guys a stern warning:


The Girls

Typical local talent

Get ready for hormonal overload. First you got the Russians, Ukrainian, Polish & Balkan babes on holiday, then you got models and trophy WAGS imported from the yachts of rich playboys. I mean seriously? As for the locals, Montenegrins are quite similar to Serbs. Coming from Albania, you will notice a lot more blondes and lighter shades. They are quite tall and tend to dress more stylish. They look hostile, but that’s just their designer sunglasses and a Balkan bitch shield. Get behind that and you’ll find the locals girls are really open and sweet. Online game is limited, purely because of the small population of the country. In truth, Budva is probably not the best place to get your flag, unless you commit your self to day game, picking up waitresses, shop girls etc. Go to the capital Podgorica or Tivat (beside Kotor) if you really want to have the local experience. To get a glimpse of more local talent, click here.

Nightlife Recommendations

Budva’s night-life is polemic for a such condensed area. After hours the old town bars wind down and people head to the clubs just outside the city walls. My best advice, avoid Sparta. It’s a fucking shit-hole. That said, Budva has some fantastic places to go out…


This open air club is the main party place in Budva. Expect plenty of pumpin’ tunes and nubile talent. This place is rockin’ till 5am.  Need I say more? You need to check this place out. But in my opinion, it’s not a patch on…


This is my kind of place! It may not have the reputation of Trocaderos but this is one my favourite spots in the whole of Eastern Europe. It looks like a hybrid of a Caribbean cocktail bar, a tree house and an Arabic opium den. Expect hammocks, hookahs and hip shakin’ EE girls dancing to a live salsa band. When this place has a bit of a crowd, it’s unbeatable. A great place to meet women.


Getting High

No info available. You will have to bring your own in from Belgrade, Croatia or even better, Macedonia.

My Budva Experience

I was here for 2 nights with 3 friends and loved it. However, it was the tail end of the season so it was really subdued (mid-September). One night we made a big mistake and ended up in Sparta. It was a sausage-fest and the bouncers prevented you leaving your table to talk to girls.. WTF? The last night we discovered Haciendas. It blew my mind and I had one the best nights of my holiday. I ended up dancing with an Israeli/Belarusian girl and bringing her home for a marathon sex session.  A new flag aside, it was an amazing night that expanded my sexual frontiers.  I also met up with a local Montenegrin girl in Kotor the next day, but that’s another story.. Bottom line – I’d go back to Budva in a heartbeat, but I’d return when there’s a few more people around (June – August).


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