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The Gramma Wing Technique

Posted in Pick up techniques with tags , , , , , , , , on May 28, 2010 by Mackeral Mark

Your best wingman

My Grandmother just beat cancer and got out from hospital. So naturally, I agreed when she asked me to help her pick up some things at the nearest shopping centre.

Guess What?

Girls were practically eating out of my hand!

It all started in our first stop to pick up some slippers. Our cashier was a cute blonde, way too attractive to be Irish. My grandmother “opened her” to pay for her new kicks, then I swooped in with “Where are you from?”.

“Poland” she answers.

I spoke a few Polish words and she was practically smitten. She was flirty and keen, real keen. This wasn’t just a one occasion. The whole day girls were ultra-receptive. I was unshaven, dressed like a homeless person with an 80-year-old lady on my arm and yet some how I was exuding sexual energy. I decided to take advantage of this and get a few numbers…

My gramma would ask a shop assistant something like:

“Where can I find some cleaning solution for dentures?”

After a bit of banter, I would end the interaction with a bit a humor, handing them my phone and say:

“Should we have any denture cleaning related problems, I think it would best if I took your number…”

Boom. Works 80% of the time, all the time.

This technique works because:

  • Having your gramma with you abolishs women’s defenses
  • It shows high survival value (you are a protector)
  • Women will almost NEVER reject you in front of your gramma.
  • Day game in general is better for picking up high quality women.

Moral of the story: Bring the granny to get some fanny.