On Form

The zone, in flow, on form –  it all means the same thing.  Well this nomad is on form. During the Siege of the Adriatic, I pulled off some impressive f closes with a handful of HBs from 5 different countries. That said, I  kept the standard high too.

Last night in Dublin, I had two girls on my arm, a chick from Zimbabwe (20) and a “devout” Muslim from Nigeria (18). The looks I was getting were hilarious, who was this bad ass Irish guy with two black chicks hanging off him? The Muslim was super cute, we made out and made arrangements for a day 2.

I have a 18 year old Filipina girl who wants to cook me dinner next week.

Not one hour ago,  a sexy bitch from Cameroon (18) comes into the family pub and asks for my facebook.  WTF? Why do African chicks wanna jump me so bad? Since I’ve been back, I’ve been radiating sexual energy.

It’s the snow ball effect. What can I say? I’m on form.

I blame travel.

Did I mention it’s also my birthday today? WOO HOO!!!

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