Jakarta City Guide

Crosstown Traffic

Jakarta in a word: Huge.
C.O.H: 4 / 5
Q.O.G: 3 / 5
S.T.L: 2 / 5
City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer:Around  €1
Bed: €10-15 for a private room
Bud: €10 per finger
Board: €1 for a basic meal.
Budget other: If you don’t book in advance you could end up shelling out for a hotel.
Currency Conversion


I think wiki-travel provide an adequate description. Jakarta is “a sweltering, steaming, heaving mass of some 10 million people packed into a vast urban sprawl.” It may be the capital of the largest Islamic nation, but there’s just as much debauchery here as Bangkok.


Miss Indo 07

The Girls

There is a good mix of Indonesian shades here. They island of Java has some of the most beautiful girls in South East Asia. They are very feminine and in this authors opinion, have the sexiest accents in Asia. Religion is rife but don’t despair! Jakarta represents the more liberated elements of Indonesian society and there are plenty of willing girls who drink and sleep around. Like the surrounding regions, getting girls in this city is much easier than in the west. Language can be an issue but Bahasa Indonesian is very easy to pick up. In nightspots like Block M prostitution is very prevalent. Day game is great, especially if you don’t won’t to deal with the sprawl of Jakarta nightlife.

Nightlife Recommendations

The problem with Jakarta is it’s size. The main backpaking area Jalan Jaska is  miles away  from the rest of the nightlife.

Jalan Jaksa (no Koh Shan Rd.!)

Jalan Jaksa

Memories- This place is nice for a good beer, live music and observing the spectacle that is of Jakarta nightlife.

Ali’s – A slice of Africa in Asia. Great music and great fun. I picked up here before.

Block M

Seedy for some but it has to done. Click here.

Blok M -ish


5000 capacity. This place is the biggest club in South East Asia; an institution. Open Thursday and doesn’t close till Sunday. Bring your credit card.

Getting High (courtesy of webehigh.com)

Nomad’s input: Reggae shop, Jalan Jaska

Legislation: it is illegal to posess or smoke marijuana in this country

DEATH upon conviction, even a small plant with no flowering lands you at least US$2500 fine + jail term. Not sure if caught with a handful of buds though.

Law enforcement: sometimes enforced, but other times the police just looks the other way. The police has no idea what marijuana looks/smells like, but be careful of drugraids. Smoking up in public is no problem, as long as there is no police around. If locals catch you they will just laugh.

Where to buy marijuana: Kampung Ambon in Cengkareng is the wholesale marijuana hub in Jakarta, it is where the best stuff is sold. Other places to find would be in the discotheques, just ask the dealers scattered around.

A good place to get weed from is Block M near a mall called “pasar raya”. just ask one of the indonisians hanging around, selling DVD. The weed in Block M is good but if you want to score hash, go to the north, to “Glodok” or “Mangga Dua”. Another good place to get weed is Kemang, dont be afraid to ask people, its totaly safe.

For ease of convenince, you can go to the disco in town and ask the many dealers inside. most will offer you MDMA but they do have weed as well. It’s expensive there cos it’s all pre-rolled tiny joints, made up from 2 mini skin, amount of weed inside is just as much as 1 bong hit mixed with clove tabacco.

One particular spot which has at least a few dealers aggresively approach you as you enter, is the infamous ST*D**M, (=sports ground).”

Marijuana prices: 0.5-1$/g good qualety 30$/150g bad qualety
small packets for Rp 150,000 big packets Rp 400,000
also: “Rp20,000 for a mini joint”

More information: Jakarta is not famous for its weed but for its XTC witch starts at 2$ per pill.

My Jakarta Experience

First night here, I thought I landed in hell.

Second night BOOM! Weed, Women, everything. Scored in Ali’s with an Indonesian who didn’t even speak English. But she wasn’t great and a Christian, I wanted a Muzzy!

One day just walking down the street I gave my number to this AMAZING looking Muslim girl. I thought there was no chance she would contact me given how beautiful she was. Turns out she text me the day we were leaving! I told her I only had a few hours so she invited me straight to her room. After talking for a while I put the moves on her. She showed token resistance  but soon caved. I had the best sex of my life – again and again and again. She was so into it and kept asking for more! She was my first Muslim and one of the sexiest women I’ve ever been with. Jakarta may be a bit of a shit hole but it sure has some gems.

13 Responses to “Jakarta City Guide”

  1. The language is called ‘Indonesian’ – calling it ‘Bahasa’ (which just means ‘language’) is pretentious

  2. Dude.. let me know if you ever do any SEA trips, I got some good party places to go to if you ever go, and you’ve got some serious knowledge as well.. maybe a shore-ing website could even be started after the escapade would be complete, haha.

    • Sounds O so good. Any particular places that come to mind?

      • If you did Jakarta, I know you’ve already done Blok M, but you have to do Blok M with a wingman who is young and caucasian such as myself, it would be awesome, I was well known around there after being there for a month.

        Also, Cambodia needs to be done, its a place where us “un-normal” people like to go.. cheap booze+weed+women = paradise.

        Finally, The Philippines man.. I know you have had some good experiences there already, but you have to do it up with a good wingman, I haven’t been there yet, but an old aussie man I met told me hundreds of illicit stories of him being there, I need to become that old aussie man one day! :p

        Let me know when you go!

      • I know Camy and Philly well.
        But won’t be back in the region for a while. I’m in EE next month, the med in November and hopefully West Africa early next year…

      • Good luck in EE man, the ME should be crazy, which part are you going to visit? And West Africa eh? :p

      • What’s the ME?
        EE- Travelling to Macedonia, Kosovo (been to both places before) also Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia 🙂 I’m also going to Malta in November. As for West Africa – Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’voire, Burkina Faso, Ghand, Togo, Benin & Nigeria! Should be a good trip if I come back alive!!!

      • Crap, I misread “Med”, haha. Are you going to do an another write-up on each place you visit? Which do you prefer EE or West Africa?

  3. hi, i am Indonesian, contact me while you guys in here.. cheers!

  4. “EE- Travelling to Macedonia, Kosovo (been to both places before) also Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia 🙂 I’m also going to Malta in November. As for West Africa – Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’voire, Burkina Faso, Ghand, Togo, Benin & Nigeria! Should be a good trip if I come back alive!!! ”

    Oh gosh, what do you do for living? are you pilot?

    how I can’t envy you

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