Shanghai City Guide

Old Town

Shanghai in a word: Energetic.
C.O.H: 3 / 5
Q.O.G: 4 / 5
S.T.L: 3 / 5
City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer: Around  €1 a beer.
Bed: €12 for a private  room.
Bud: €30 for a big block of hash.
Board: €1 for a meal.
Budget other: It’s a big city, so budget for taxis at night.
Currency Conversion


Shanghai is the most liberal city on the mainland. The old town has great character and if you’re looking girls this is probably the best place in China.

China's finest

The Girls

My jaw dropped a few times in this city. This author is convinced the Chinese government forces the hottest chicks in the country to migrate to Shanghai to breed superwomen. This city represents the creme de la creme of a billion people. Unfortunately this comes at a price. There are plenty of materialistic and pretentious girls here and there are a lot of foreign men on the hunt. Language can be a definite issue.  Does that mean those of us who roll into town without a clue can score? YES WE CAN. Make adjustments to your game to suit the culture, but know it might take a bit of time to crack the case. Ex-pats become experts at it. Social proof is key here. Go where the girls speak English, that unfortunately means the tourist areas, same applies in the day. Take a look on-line too.

Nightlife Recommendations

Shanghai nightlife is not something you can swallow up in a weekend. Here are some place worth checking out if your only here few awhile.

This nightspot is jam packed with stunning girls. The crowd may be a little pretentious but it’s busy every night.

The Bund

This area has few nightspots and a good place to find English speakers.

Getting High (courtesy of

Legislation: Any drug use or associated activity is highly illegal in China, and many people are exucuted by the state for drug crimes every year, including some foreigners. But according to Lonely Planet \”Shanghai\” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t invovlve a native chinese person.

Law enforcement: Our reports say if you’re caught by the cops with over 20 grams of weed or hash, you’re fucked. its execution. the cops don’t really know what weed looks or smells like so no need to worry

Where to buy marijuana in Shanghai:
Incredibly easy transaction here. Just head to East Nanjing Road, wait to be solicited for a “sexy lady massage”, and simply ask the solicitor if he has hashish. Generally, they will make a call and you’ll have the hash in your hand within 10 minutes.

Marijuana Prices in Shanghai: 500 RMB for 1.8 oz or their abouts
It’s easy to get ripped off but generally it’s 300 – 700rmb for a nice ball of hashish, quality is not consistant, another reporter added: “1) 3000 Y for 40g of gold dusty hash. Type of hash that give you a sleep and munchies buzz. Not to strong so you can still go out and play in the city.

My Shanghai Experience

I really want to write a separate blog on this one. Basically I end up going a date with the most beautiful girl;  a model who happened to be a Triad boss’s under-age daughter. She had to bring a bodyguard. We managed to ditch the bodyguard in a “I have to go to the bathroom” manoeuvre. We escaped to the streets… to be continued.


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